Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

How long have you been in business?

I’ve been caring for Portland residences and businesses since 1993.

Is your company licensed and bonded?

Yes, and I adhere stringently to all state requirements.

Will I need to sign a contract to begin working with you?

Yes. Along with our verbal agreement, I will provide you with a client service agreement detailing the services that will be provided, according to your needs. This contract will also include fees and disclosures agreed upon by both parties before work begins.

How do you schedule clients?

I schedule all home management services on the same day and time each week. This ensures you’ll always have outstanding, consistent service you can rely on.

Is there a minimum and maximum time you work per day?

Clients are given time slots of either 4 or 5 hours, or 8 hours, depending upon home size and requirements.

What areas do you serve?

I serve clients within Portland and local surrounding areas.

How is your rate determined?

Many prospective clients ask for a ball-park estimate over the phone during our initial conversation. Instead, I provide a free in-home consultation where we discuss your specific needs. Based on the tailored services you request, I can estimate how many hours I will need to care for your home.

Cleaning, organizing, and additional services are all quoted separately. As a new client you will receive an initial “deep clean” followed by a “first clean,” which enables me to accurately assess the number of hours your home will need for proper weekly management.

How do clients pay for services?

By cash or check on the date of service.

What services don’t you provide?

I ask that messes are picked up before my arrival, so I can devote my time to meticulously cleaning your home, organizing your rooms, or working on other pre-determined projects.

Although I love children and animals, I ask that children’s areas are picked up before my scheduled arrival and that another party clean and maintain pet beds and litter boxes. I’m also unable to provide childcare or pet sitting services.

If a home has additional cleaning needs, will there be an extra charge?

Client homes are maintained at a consistently high level of cleanliness each week. However, if it takes longer than the allowed time to bring a home to this high level–due to extra people, pets, furnishings, social events or other changes in your home environment–there will be an extra, agreed-upon charge.

Will I need to give you keys and an alarm code?

Yes. I protect all of your home information by carrying color-coded keys without your address. I also request two or three emergency contacts in case I need to reach you while you are away. If a client does not provide me with proper keys and codes and I’m locked out on my day of service, there will be a full charge for that day.

Do you allow cancellations?

Yes. For emergencies only, and with 24 hours notice.

What cleaning products and equipment do you use?

We use only certified Green and Eco-Friendly cleaning products to protect our clients’ health and belongings from harsh chemicals. The products we use are natural, sustainable, and safe for you and your family. Your home should smell fresh and clean upon our departure, with no artificial scents left behind.

We protect the air quality in your home by using Miele upright and canister vacuums as well as the Vacuflo Central Vacuum System. The Miele FreshAir Clean System and Miele AutoEco Upright vacuums with HEPA filtration are 99% effective in capturing dust, pollen, dust mites and pet dander. The Vacuflo System is up to five times more powerful than portable vacuums in picking up 100% of dust and allergens, with no recirculation into the home.

We use an amalgamation of sponges, extension wands, microfiber and pure cotton cleaning cloths to remove germs, dust, grease, and grime from every surface in your home. For floors we use eco-friendly terrycloth paddle mops after hand edging the entire floor area.

Trained expertise and best practices are used to maintain stone, marble, slate, travertine, porcelain, soap stone, stone composites, concrete, marmoleum, linoleum, tile, hardwood and softwood floors, copper, brass, silver, chrome, powder coated and stainless steel, glass, and other custom surfaces. We’re also extremely attentive to the delicate protection of all artwork.