Additional Services

Exclusive Home Manager Julie Campbell provides additional home-related services upon request, or may recommend service that will enhance your surroundings, make your life easier, or just give your home that unexpected “awe” factor.

Fresh Flower Arranging & Plant Care

flower arrangement

Julie will beautify your home with fresh floral arrangements on a selected schedule or on special occasions at your request to further complement your home’s décor.

She also has a green thumb when it comes to nurturing your indoor plants. Depending on your needs, Julie can water, polish, and repot indoor plants as necessary, or create plant settings that reflect and highlight your decor – whether Modern, Classic, Traditional, or  regionally themed.

flower arrangement white

Party Planning Assistance

Party Planning

Make your special occasions even more memorable. Collaborate with Julie to plan and create delightful settings for all your home entertaining.

  • Family & Children’s Parties
  • Cocktail & Dinner Parties
  • Birthday & Graduation Parties
Party Planning table

Personal and Administrative Assistance

Free up more of your time so you can enjoy the important things in life. Delegate your administrative tasks to Julie, knowing they will always be handled diligently.

  • Paying Bills, Sorting Mail and Returning Correspondence
  • Filing, Managing and Reducing Paperwork
  • Scheduling, Appointments, Events and Vendors
  • Running Errands
  • Home Maintenance Records
  • Home Inventory Records